GTC Fuller Center History


The Fuller Center for Housing had been placed in our path long before the organization began. Many of us involved with Greater Twin Cities FCH have been touched in one way or another by Millard Fuller. Some of us have worked side by side with him as volunteers on projects here and abroad. Others have been deeply moved by one of his speeches or sermons. But we have all felt impacted by God's call to join the Fuller Center. In 2007 our community participated in the construction of homes in Shreveport without ever leaving Minnesota! Hundreds of volunteers gathered to construct frames for houses to be used in the blitz build in Shreveport, LA which built houses for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Since then, Minnesotans have continued to donate their time and resources to Fuller Center Blitz Builds.


Our geographical service area is the Greater Twin Cities area. We are focusing on remodeling, using the Greater Blessings Program, for the elderly, widowed, single-parent family, disabled and ill.


The Fuller Center for Housing seeks to be inclusive and flexible in its mission to serve others. We have developed several programs as a way to meet the housing needs of a wide range of communities and to involve individuals, churches, businesses and social organizations. 

 Our Greater Blessing program is repair and renovation program is perfect for them. Churches who want to get their congregations involved in putting faith and love into action are welcome and encouraged to become part of our Faith Builders family. Campus student groups seeking meaningful volunteer work can find projects and like-minded peers through our Student Builders. People wishing to travel, experience a different culture and lend a hand in another country should consider becoming a Global Builders volunteer. 

Please explore the different ways we do our work, then sign up to volunteer or become the next Fuller Center covenant partner!

Foundational Principles



The Rodriguez family at the dedication of their Fuller Center house in El Salvador

The Rodriguez family at the dedication of their Fuller Center house in El Salvador

We at the Fuller Center for Housing believe that:

  • We are part of a God movement, and movements don’t just stop
  • We have been called to this housing ministry; we didn’t just stumble into it
  • We are unashamedly Christian, and enthusiastically ecumenical
  • We aren’t a church but we are a servant of the Church
  • We are faith driven, knowing that after we’ve done all we can do the Lord will help finish the job—something that requires us to stretch beyond our rational reach
  • We are a grassroots ministry, recognizing that the real work happens on the ground in communities around the world through our covenant partners, so a large, overseeing bureaucracy isn’t needed
  • We try to follow the teachings of the Bible and believe that it says that we shouldn’t charge interest of the poor, so we don’t
  • Government has a role in our work in helping set the stage, but that we shouldn’t look to it as a means to fund the building of home