Construction Committee


 The Construction Committee is responsible for delivering the Principal product of this ministry, the house. Because of the Technical requirements of home building, this committee should have At least a few professional builders as members. Because of the  Rich partnership opportunities that come from building, it should also Include members with excellent people skills.  

Ongoing Duties of the Construction Committee include:  
  •  Work closely with the Site Selection committee to assure that buildable sites are selected.
  •  Developing a set of criteria for the construction/rehab of the home
  •  Developing build plans that satisfy local building codes and are economical in both their construction and maintenance
  •  Develop a construction plan that includes a timeline, volunteer and professional labor requirements, construction budget and a  schedule of supervisors to be on site during building days
  •  Secure the necessary materials, tools and other equipment for the  build
  •  Work closely with the Resource Development committee to secure in-kind donations
  •  Securing building permits and arranging inspections
  •  Work with the PR group to arrange coverage of ground breaking/dedication 
  •  Arrange for certain site services, first aid, rest areas, portable toilets
  •  Develop an estimate for the total construction

 If you are interested in participating in this committee, please Contact US.